Who are we

a high-end brand-name bag general agent company

We are a high-end brand-name bag general agent company located in Rome, and we have cooperative relations with all major women’s clothing brands. Our job is to search all over the world (such as Vietnam/India/China/Malaysia, etc.) for defective products in brand production factories and sell these overproduced genuine bags to customers at an extremely low price.

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Our philosophy

brand premium is an important means for brand owners to make profits. It is their most common method to create brand effect through advertising, and then sell products to consumers at a price far exceeding the actual value, so as to reap huge profits. We even think that this is an ancient and absurd economic model. With the rapid development of the Internet and the Internet of Things, the information of products has become very transparent, and consumers will become more and more intelligent. They are tired of boring brand advertising and expensive product prices. Only by selling good products to consumers at a sincere price is the right way.

how we work

For the brand to quickly sell the overstocked goods in the warehouse, save the rent of the warehouse, and at the same time let consumers buy their favorite goods at affordable prices.


Every one of us who is jealous will find that there are an indefinite number of products all over the world, so you may see that our products will change frequently. This is normal. If you see the products you like, don’t do it because they are all sold out.

Davis Clark
Marketing Manager
Lenora Flores
Creative Director
John Bowers
Customer Service Director
Sarah Seymour