All-in-One Camping Box


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  • Aviation grade materials
  • Tie rod design/Effective weight bearing 100 kg
  • Intelligent water supply system
  • 40L storage space
  • Dual USB design

Accompanying trolley small kitchen box, exquisite outdoor cooking experience.

Aviation grade materials

Lightweight and strong aluminum alloy frame, aviation-grade transportation material.

Tie rod design

Pull rod design easy to travel, in many cars can not enter the scenic spots, pull rod type kitchen box allows you to easily reach the destination.

Effective weight bearing 100 kg

Hidden pull rod, more easy to accompany, pull rod and angle wheel effective load bearing 100 jin。

Powerful small box

It only takes 3 minutes to change from a box to a whole meal kitchen mode。

Intelligent water supply system

Make outdoor water use like at home. The opening and closing of the faucet controls the start and stop of the pump, making the universal faucet more convenient.

40L storage space

Not only can hold materials but also a good mood.

Equipped with a kitchen box and a folding table top

The desktop position can be switched arbitrarily, satisfying a family of four traveling.

Dual USB design

USB can charge mobile phones/small appliances,output power 5V2.1A.

Ingenious handmade

  • Comes with 4 table legs, easy to take and install,Aluminum alloy hydraulic opening and closing wind and oil proof

  • Even when cutting vegetables, it can be easily taken with water,Faucet opening and closing control water pump start and stop 12V5W.

Dimensions and parameters

  • Net weight of bare box + desktop: 10kg
  • Net weight of portable desktop: 2.5kg
  • Total weight: 15kg