Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater & Shower Pump – Compact Outdoor Cleaning & Showering System w/LCD & Auto Safety Shutoff for Instant Hot Water While Camping, Hiking – Carry Case Included


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Product Description

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– Water Heater and Shower System: Uses propane gas and AC/DC or 12V power adapter to heat water for use while camping, hiking, fishing and more
– Digital Panel Control: Allows you to power the unit on/off, start the pump and monitor precise water temperate; also indicates ignition and cutout status
– Gas/Heat Control: Stepless knob allows you to adjust water temperature from low to high; located on the top of the heater
– Gas Regulator: Attaches to the top of the propane gas tank and into the gas inlet at the rear of the appliance
– Showerhead Attachment: Plugs into the faucet outlet on the back of the unit to convert spigot into handheld showerhead
– Flow Switch: Allows you to stop and start water flow from the showerhead
– Spray Pattern Control: Switches between 1 of 3 unique spray patterns
– Exhaust Panels: Located on each side of the unit to safely expel hot air
– Water Inlet: Receives the hose pump to feed water into the system from bucket or other reservoir (never use water from a pool, lake, ocean, etc.)
– Faucet Outlet: Provides steady stream of water via spigot for hand washing or filling a receptacle; also connects to showerhead attachment
– Faucet Flow Control: Adjusts to increase or decrease the water flow; also affects temperature as water passes slowly or rapidly over the burner
– AC/DC Adapter: Plugs into standard outdoor generator or RV outlet to provide power to the unit; interchangeable with 12V DC power adapter
– 12V DC Power Adapter: Plugs into car cigarette lighter to provide power to the unit; interchangeable with AC/DC adapter
– High Temperature Sensor: Automatically disables the burner once the water temperature from the dispenser reaches 142-149°F (52°C)
– Carry Case: Stores the main unit, attachments and adapters

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