The Cool Metal Mask


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Product details:

Product series: 1/1 wearable props series

Product name : The Cool Metal Mask

Scale: 1/1

Material: ABS.

Color process: face mask tungsten steel silver metal wire drawing version, the surface effect is the metal wire drawing effect.

Product size: wearable within 62 cm of head circumference


1/1 wearable,

The mask can be opened and closed in both standard and multi-film modes to restore the movie style.

Two modes of voice control, remote control and touch sensor are three ways to open the mask.

Jarvis says hello,

Your eyes glow white in normal mode and red in combat mode (you need to bring your own 4 batteries).

The helmet alone does not include the base bracket shown in the figure, and the bracket needs to be purchased separately.

Introduction of helmet functions:

Install the Number 5 battery and turn on the helmet chin power switch

Manual control:Touch the sensing area of the right ear: control the mask multi-chip open/close

Touch the left ear sensing area: control the mask to open/close

The operation function of remote control is introduced:

A Control mask integral open/close

B control mask multi-chip open/close

C limit switch color.

D eye light on/off

E Helmet sound on/off

Voice control: Chinese/English commands. Before operating the command, you need to execute the JARVIS/JARVIS wake up system to proceed with the subsequent command operation. Within 5 seconds of waking up, the system can continuously input voice operation commands failure analysis- If the matching password fails, try to match the password again after charging the force control.

The eye lights flickered slowly, the motion was slow, the sound was blurry, and the battery was low. A new battery should be replaced Operation failure, abnormal situation, restart the system. Wear helmet, automatically detect failure and restart the system.

Safety operation warning. Notes for starting: Before starting the helmet (or when restarting the system power)It is necessary to ensure that the mask is closed smoothly before starting up, such as the existing part of the mask. When all parts are open, all parts need to be closed manually gently to ensure that the surface is not stable. Turn off and on again. 

When the product is not in use for a long time, please remove the dry battery. It is strictly forbidden to play with the mask opened by manual external force flap. Corpse is forbidden when the helmet is opened and closed. An external force impedes movement, causing different damage to the opponent. Non-professionals, do not disassemble the product by yourself.

Battery case and wearing instructions. The battery case is hidden on the back of the black pad on the back cover. Please take off the back cover before wearing. Wear a head circumference of 60CM and bring your own helmet battery. Remove the back cover before wearing the helmet. Install the back cover after wearing it. Four No. 5 (AAA) batteries. Remote control battery: a 7 battery.